Storyboard & Background Design: 

On the Edge of the Water

On the Edge of the Water is a 2-dimensional, single-channel digital animation about the phenomenon of life review reported in near-death experiences and the belief of Samsara (cycle of life) and the afterlife. It is a narrative animation produced with a combination of cellular animation and compositing. 

The story surrounds a young man waking up on an unfamiliar beach, and finding pieces of his belongings while eventually recovers pieces of his past. In this project, I intend to actively inspire a self-cognitive and self-resolution process for the audiences by narrating the main character’s life-reviewing process. 

The project also symbolically explains and expresses the belief of Samsara and moving on, as well as how it represents real-life situations in which acceptance is crucial for one to make peace with oneself in a format similar to a fable or a fairytale story. 

The animation is inspired by the flash animation and web cartoon the Legend of Luo Xiaohei by Chinese artist MTJJ(Zhang ping) and the animated short film SHUDŌ by GOBELINS, l'école de l'image.


Character Turnaround


Background Design

Using Format